Yifan Lu

Yifan Lu is currently suffering from mainstream social media and he's been working on his shit on fediverse with a very slow progress that the servers been fucked once a week.

This website was initially built for all my works and portfolios, while first of all, I hate all my previous works, and all my new projects were either in progress or aborted. So no contents about my works are available right now. You'll be directed to a 404 page if you click on any tags in this site including Music Archive, Visual/Audio, Programme Junkyard, and Projects.

This website updates pretty slowly as I write everything in bare html and css, and I don't have so much contents desginated to show in front of everybody. But it's supposed to be browsed extremely fast as I kept it's javascript virginity.

I'm willing to contact via email, Mastodon and Matrix(@null102:ciapa.buzz). I can also use discord, and my ID is null102#8852

中文网站目前还有些东西, 若有兴趣可以戳这里访问