Yifan Lu

Music Production

I just use Reaper and Renoise for music production, Harrsion Mixbus 32c for mixing and I use Presonus Notion and Lilypond for scores, sometimes I use Studio One while making conventional music.

Music Tech

I use Max and TouchDesigner for almost everything, and I wish I can write more JSFX scripts and Renoise Lua scripts. I plan to make more synthersizers, effect plugins and visulizers in the future, no matter of hardware or software.


I'm into music that are written to be serious. I used to write essays about Messiaen and I transcribe Bebop solos.

I can play any keyboard instruments and electric bass guitar, and I wish I'll be able to play drumset and saxophone in the future.

Computer Science/Software Engineering

I mainly tinker linux and build websites, while constantly fuck up my system while doing a rolling release, or fuck up the server due to ports and ip and DNS and shit. I wish I could know more about system structure and TCP/IP.