Yifan Lu

【WARNING】This page is still incomplete, don't be mad if I wrote your name wrong.

I made a big mistake the first semester when I was a freshman that I stopped all the mainstream social media including Instagram and Wechat as I think they're all shit. The only way that I make friends in school was smoking weed and cigarattes with ppl. I hope I could know more people from my country but four month passed by I knew more Indians than Chinese.

All Stars

Thoes are the people that I knew by somking weed and drinking alchol when I was in Chouinard Hall, they're all great and they always make things happen.

Dakota Williams


Sajen Green

Valentin Corre

Charlotte Shenman

Sydney Rahilly

Surya Miele

Kristian Giess

Joshua Salgato

Ppl I knew not from smoking

Seo-Jun Yun

Byunkuo Lee

Zane Golas

May Caiwei Chen

Anaht Sash & Sam Gerik