Yifan Lu

I'm currently studying Music Tech so I do Music and Tech.

I've been making electronic music for a long while and I make Industrial, Breakcore and IDM mostly and I hope I can make more in the future.

I usually make 10 beats from scratch in two hours, and I feel it's boring to just make beat music and I stopped making them anymore, but if you can rap and you wanna make few demos I might be glad to work with you. If you smoke weed with me and you rap everytime when you're high I will be glad to make beats for you.

I also do visuals and multimedia interactive stuff, and I use Max/Msp/Jitter and TouchDesigner mostly, I used to make shit happen on Pure Data but I stopped cuz I'm lazy. I can handle all the Adobe softwares from 7th grade, and I used to use all the DAWs including Ableton, Logic, Fl Studio, Pro Tools, Cubase, Bitwig Studio, Reason and there might be more. But for now I just use Reaper and Renoise for music production, Harrsion Mixbus 32c for mixing and I use Presonus Notion and Lilypond for scores, sometimes I use Studio One while making conventional music.

I got crazy about Classical(Concert Music) and Jazz Music after I found out IDM is still just dance music and they cannot be very serious. I hope I can do mainly composition for further studies. I will make more Desktop based music, but I'll handle them with visual and interaction, or that'll be too boring for me.

I have a plan to make audio software and hardwares. I had a few experience about those from highschool but the project haven't been relaunched yet.

Yifan Lu is a wired guy that he likes making everything in his life harder, he tried to survive with a Blackberry in 2019, then switched to an Nokia in 2020; he also tried to survive in Los Angeles with a 20 years old manual roadster, while doing everything in his life on Linux. he's now trying to host every single social media plaform in his narrow life under his own domains. He would be more instrested if you talk with him about Linux, fullstack developing and server maintance, rather than asking him about how to make trap music.